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iconWhen Emotion Outweighs Logic

Oh, emotions, how you complicate our lives, make us feel alive, and make us wish we were dead! How many times a day are your emotions making decisions for you? How many times have you known in your head that you were unnecessarily sad, agitated, angry, frustrated, or upset about something in your life? This happens to me on a regular basis, and it takes practice to learn to stop it before it starts. Emotions … Continue reading

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iconDo Something Difficult

As we learn how to do new things they by nature become less and less difficult. Walking, riding a bicycle, reading, mathematics are all examples of things, that will practice we can achieve with relative ease. I’ve recently been trying to teach myself new things that I once thought were difficult, and I’m finding they’re still difficult. They haven’t gotten any easier to learn, but what has changed is my desire to learn them and … Continue reading

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