russell bio picI am a a freelance technology and creative management consultant, as well as an ambitious web developer/designer. I am of the opinion there is an easier way to live life through forward thinking, greater self-awareness, collective social change, and an overall shift in what is considered important in life. Engaging people in the world, challenging ideas, and expecting people to honor their inherent epistemic obligations are only a few ways to create change.

There are great ideas that started out as small movements. Over time those ideas were adopted by a greater number of people and they became popular opinion, and eventually the norms and folkways we base our values upon. My hope is this site generates ideas too large to be contained within it’s 1s and 0s.

Within each one of us is a Koffee Table Philosopher with a voice that speaks of ideas greater than ourselves. Listen and find your voice – what you say today may change the world tomorrow.

Russell Pruitt B.A. English & Philosophy