my two cents

Each day we go through life simply accepting what the world looks and feels like. Seldom do we question the ideas lying just beneath the surface making up the structure of the physical world. Even less do we really ask driving questions about the core of our existence and challenge the status quo, looking for something greater than ourselves, greater than the life we lead each day without question.

Challenging ideas, thinking outside of accepted boundaries, questioning what we believe and feel, and creating our own destiny is rarely sought after. Why? Because we are trained our entire life to focus on things other than what is really important in life, the things that really matter – and when we do, in a flash we’re refocused, caught up in the day to day activities that eventually carry us to the final moments of our lives.

There are ideas out there greater than you and I. They aren’t considered desirable because they don’t fit with what is considered normal. A collective shift in thinking, a refocusing on what’s important in life to each of us is what’s needed. With this comes a new focus on life and a new focus on the world around us by examining the ideas that lie just beneath the surface.

This site doesn’t profess to give you the answers, those you need to find for yourself, because they’re different for everyone. But with a bit of luck it will focus on the things in life that matter, and help you do the same. With daily reflection on what’s important to us and little reminders by the winding road we all travel together, maybe the answers to the questions we’re afraid to ask will come to us.

Shaping the questions with our lips, giving our ideas breath to move beyond our thoughts, raising our voices and looking at the world with new eyes leads to a simpler, easier way to live. It may seem difficult at first, but gets easier each day. There is an existence that is intuitive, caring, compassionate… I challenge you to find it in your own life today.