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There are paradoxes that exist in life that seem to make sense.

iconParadoxes of Life

Throughout life there are paradoxes that seem to make sense out of normally confusing situations. “You won’t find love until you stop looking for it,” “Sometimes you must first lose everything before you can have anything,” “You must let go before you really can have control.” These seemingly contradictory phrases counterintuitively make sense and sum up certain parts of life that are otherwise unexplainable or outside our initial understanding. What do these phrases do to … Continue reading

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icondistance makes the heart grow fonder…

Simple sayings lead us in the thought patterns of those who came before us. These symbolic┬ácolloquialisms amass a large part of our daily vocabulary and shape how we see our world. Why do we use them? We hear them all around us, used by people each and every day. Some of them are harmless, “Happy as a clam at high tide.” But others carry a message, “A penny saved is a penny earned, ” “He … Continue reading

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