iconJumping to Conclusions

Sometimes I must think I’m clairvoyant given the amount I try to predict the future. I think it must be human nature to try and determine things we cannot and could never really know for sure unless told. But, despite the great disadvantage we commonly draw our own conclusions and make assumptions about life based on what we ‘think’ is right or true.

It seems as though on a daily basis I’m trying to climb inside someones head and figure out what they’re thinking. I very often believe that I have it figured out, until 1o minutes later I realize I had it completely wrong and was either, a. blinded by emotion, b. needed a nap and was taking things the wrong way, or c. any number of other influences that would convince me I had things right when I was obviously very wrong.

Too much coffee, skipping breakfast, staying up too late – the list of things that can and will effect our perception of the world and how we feel about it at any given second is endless. This is why always keeping an open mind and not letting our minds wander, casually perusing the negative possibilities of a murky situation. I work myself into more moods deciding I have something figured out when really I’m way off.

Whether it’s how someone feels, or why someone acted a certain way most of the time I’m usually wrong. I’m not saying that intuition isn’t valuable, nor am I saying we can’t predict certain situations, but most of the time we make assumptions we are only opening ourselves up to needless stress and frustration.

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