iconFinding Your Inner Voice

We are bombarded with so many different messages and opinions each day it’s really amazing when you stop to think about it. First and foremost is media, in all of its forms blasting us from all directions on every channel and bandwidth possible. Then there are the messages from where we work, how we are supposed to look, how we are supposed to act and carry ourselves to fit in with the working culture. There are also messages from places closer to our hearts, messages we receive from our friends and families.

Sometimes it’s impossible to weed through the cacophony of advice, suggestions, orders, demands, or requests that come flooding in from all directions. For me the constant din of what to do, or how to act can become so overwhelming I find my voice, my inner voice, is overpowered and I have a hard time hearing my own true wants and desires. I worry that I am not being my authentic self with so many other opinions and demands being leveled at me on not just a daily basis, but a minute to minute, even second to second basis.

Sorting through this static, this crackling in our ears can seem impossible. What we think is our true voice can sometimes just be the loudest message being pushed at us that day. I work very hard some days to find what my inner self needs and is asking for each day. Maybe this is something that is unique to me, but I’ve found there are others out there who feel overwhelmed by the same mass influx of opinions and information.

I’ve talked in previous posts about the implications and underlying messages that we are unknowingly subject to through spoken and unspoken communication. I feel these messages steal some of our authenticity, simply overpower our own inner voices and leave us with sets of ideas that are not innate to our beings. I think these messages dilute the power of our inner voices, dilute our own true wants, drives, and desires in life and propel us in unauthentic directions.

With so many channels of communication it’s very easy to lose, or in some cases never really find our own voice, the voice that is great within us all – the voice of our own individual truth. Sometimes I wake up and my inner voice is strong and other days it’s barely audible… but it’s still there. There was a time in my life where I wasn’t aware of my own voice of truth, my inner conscience, that inner identity. I believe until we find our inner voice or identity we will in some ways be shades, simple shadows of the people can could be if we really hear that voice and listen.

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