iconThe Power of Positive Thinking

I think everyone has days when they’re just feeling a little funky. Either you didn’t get enough sleep and your crabby, or you have to do something you’re not necessarily looking forward to doing. Sometimes you get rubbed the wrong way by someone early in your day and it sticks with you for the rest of your day, you just can’t seem to shake that negative energy.

I have days that fit all of those situations above, undoubtedly I have them each week and it’s sometimes a struggle to bring my emotions back on track. I mean really, at the very core it’s our emotions that are making us crabby, or worked up about something, or puts us in a negative or less than positive frame of mind.

So seldom do we actually look internally for the answers to our bad moods. A lot of the time we rely on someone or something to cheer us up… but nothing on the outside can really change what we’re feeling on the inside. Sure, someone we love can cheer us up, but really they’re just getting us out of our negative frame of mind, helping us see there are better things to do with our time than be sullen or sour about something.

We all have the power to control our emotions, thus controlling our moods, and ultimately are in control of our days, weeks, months, and lives. The power of positive thinking is a greater more grand tool than most people give credence. There is something to be said of positive thinking, it can change your life. The energy we put out there is matched and comes back to us – simply put, if you’re feeling negative, you’re going to get negative energy back. If you’re feeling positive, positive energy will be sure to come your way.

When I feel down or crabby I do whatever I can to change my mood as quickly as possible otherwise I know my whole day will be filled with events that match those emotions and energy. Give it a shot, the worst thing that could happen is you end up in a good mood.

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