iconWe Only get one Shot, but Many Chances

Tonight I had the opportunity to be reminded of how important life is, and it’s not how long we live, but what we do when we are here. The story of the death of someone in their 90s was related to me by and acquaintance, a very miraculous story really, and it made me aware of an innate ability we all have.

I believe we are only given one shot at this life. We don’t know what is going to happen to us tomorrow much less five minutes from now. This belief leads to me to try my best to live in the moment, to appreciate the things I have, and try and pass that message along to others. But I often forget that even if we only have one shot at life, we are given many, many chances in life.

The fact that someone had 90+ years to live is amazing! I can only hope I have that long to spend with those I love, and care about, and to do as much in life as I possibly can. I also hope I can remember that even if it has to end, I can take as many runs at life as I need to until I get it right. I make mistakes all the time… I dare say I make more than the average person, but part of the reason I think that’s the case is because I’m always sticking my neck out and not worrying about failing at what I do.

There was a time in my life I was afraid to even begin something, anxiety ridden at the thought of failing or being sub par in my accomplishments. It kept me from doing a lot of things in my life – that perfectionism was paralyzing. What I have now refocused into a positive aspect of my life, was indeed once a very negative, crippling trait. It took several years, and many tries to overcome this irrational fear, and ironically in overcoming it I learned about it’s very nature.

I always say that genius is cultivated, and the best and brightest aren’t those who were necessarily born with a special gift, but the ordinary who refused to give up. We are given unlimited chances to succeed in life – never are we told, “You have to stop trying now!” While there are some things that are simply foolish to keep trying to do – breath under water, make a bad relationship work, melt objects with your vision, lift a mid-sized sedan – we in fact all have a super power of sorts, the power of persistence.

We are a tenacious species, and by nature we’ve had to overcome quite a lot to reach the point in our existence we are right now, but I think far too often people forget this. Those in life who are successful typically failed more times that they succeeded – less those irritating few who got it right the first time, although good for them, but it’s not the norm. It’s normal to fail before you get it right.

Whether we live to be 90 or we only live to be 9, I hope that someone along the way tells us to keep trying, don’t give up, you can make it happen, or you can do just about anything you put your mind to… because it really is the truth. We can accomplish as much or as little as we want in life, hopefully we all have the maximum amount of time in which to do it.

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