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iconValentine’s Day & Every Day

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to express your love, admiration, appreciation, or gratitude for someone you love. Yes, it’s turned into a very, very commercial, capitalist, money-making, holiday – but it doesn’t mean you have to hate it because of it. At the core there is a good message… and chocolate if you’re lucky. I’m a huge proponent of showing your gratitude every day of the year by doing simple things for those you … Continue reading

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iconTake Time for Yourself

American life has been described as a rat race, and I think if you’re not careful it can be. We as Americans are always darting around, running back and forth, sprinting from one thing to another. When you’re younger it’s school, after-school activities, school trips, sleepovers at friends houses, not to mention the family events we all attend. College is very similar – class, studying, working, groups you’re involved with, sports, romance, family, the list … Continue reading

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iconToo Much talk, Not Enough Action

There are so many people who talk a big game, but when it comes right down to it, they have absolutely no substance. These are the used car sales people in life, always promising something better than what they have or they can give, only to let you down. The unfortunate truth is that most people don’t pay any attention to this because it’s become a societal norm. We as Americans in general talk a … Continue reading

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iconWhatever You do, do it With Passion!

When I was little I wanted to be a firefighter, something my mother explained to me would be very dangerous, and while not discouraging it directly, made it clear would not be her first choice of carrer track for me. We had a house fire when I was a kid and I thought the actions of those strangers going into our house and saving our cats and putting out the fire was nothing less than … Continue reading

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iconWe Only get one Shot, but Many Chances

Tonight I had the opportunity to be reminded of how important life is, and it’s not how long we live, but what we do when we are here. The story of the death of someone in their 90s was related to me by and acquaintance, a very miraculous story really, and it made me aware of an innate ability we all have. I believe we are only given one shot at this life. We don’t … Continue reading

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iconIt Can Always Get Worse

There are always times when we find ourselves in a particularly bad situation. These situations aren’t dependent on who we are, or how we live our lives, or how much money we make – bad things happen to everyone. There is no selection process for who is stricken with a particular malady in life and who is not – tragedy is blind to it’s subject. When bad things happen it’s always an easy time to … Continue reading

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iconSometimes Life is Just Hard

While we all like to look at the positive aspects of life, and see things for their inherent goodness, sometimes life is just hard or bad, or even simply terrible. These times come to all of us, death, breakups, lost jobs, squandered experiences, tragic events… there is a just as long of a list of bad as there is good – sometimes it seems like it’s longer. Part of the reason I write this blog … Continue reading

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iconPlan for the Future, but Live for Today

It’s important to plan things in advance, look for the next opportunity in life, and make sure our needs are taken care of. Far too often we are consumed with what’s happening tomorrow, so much so that we lose sight of what we have today. It’s essential in life to look to the future and plan our lives, but when always looking to the next thing becomes all consuming we lose sight of the moment … Continue reading

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