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iconJust Beneath the Surface

As I have eluded to in my previous post “Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder,” we are being bombarded by messages on a daily basis. Some of these messages are meant to help us, others inform us, others are trying to sell us something, and others influence our decisions. No matter what the intent, they are trying to deliver a message to us about someone or something – some of the time it’s a message … Continue reading

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iconThe Butterfly Effect

While this was also the title for a move featuring Ashton Kutcher, and it’s somewhat related to this post, my topic aligns a bit more with the original implications of the theory. In Chaos Theory, The Butterfly Effect describes how a small event can be related to a completely unrelated large event (the links are to Wikipedia for your reading pleasure). These two events do not have to occur in direct succession of one another, … Continue reading

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iconDo Something Difficult

As we learn how to do new things they by nature become less and less difficult. Walking, riding a bicycle, reading, mathematics are all examples of things, that will practice we can achieve with relative ease. I’ve recently been trying to teach myself new things that I once thought were difficult, and I’m finding they’re still difficult. They haven’t gotten any easier to learn, but what has changed is my desire to learn them and … Continue reading

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