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Far too often we are caught up in the stream of life, not taking the time to stop and actually live our lives as they exist today. We plan things for the future, we look forward to an event, we wait for the weekend, we anticipate a special event. What happened to living in the moment?

Living in the moment is far too under rated and overlooked. We tend to forget that right now, this second is all we can really count on, all we really have in terms of control over our lives. We can’t predict what’s going to happen tomorrow, nor can we determine what will happend a week from now – so why do we take so much time dreaming and planning about events in our future?

This isn’t to say we should stop preparing for our futures, or stop looking forward, but more emphasis needs to be placed on what we have today, what we are doing right this second and 5 minutes from now not necessarily 5 years from now. Planning has it’s place, but don’t spend your life planning and never live life in the moments that matter.

Enjoy life today, be present in the moment that is making your existence this second… Before you know it today will be gone… we only get one shot at this, take aim and make yours count.

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