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iconPositive Thinking Leads to a Positive Life

Very often we find ourselves in a funk, especially this time of year – shorter days, colder weather, less outdoor activity. With our lack of physical energy typically comes a lack of mental energy as well. It’s only natural for us to feel a bit low, but it’s not natural to let yourself sink into it. But what if you do… what if you are in a funk and all you see is gray? It … Continue reading

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iconEnjoy Life Today

Far too often we are caught up in the stream of life, not taking the time to stop and actually live our lives as they exist today. We plan things for the future, we look forward to an event, we wait for the weekend, we anticipate a special event. What happened to living in the moment? Living in the moment is far too under rated and overlooked. We tend to forget that right now, this … Continue reading

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iconSerendipity is the sparkle of everyday life

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What big things in your life charge you up and get you going? Those are typically easy questions to answer, everyone has dreams, drives, and wants that motivate them to move. But what about the small things… the tiniest of things that happen each day? How often do we take the time to stop and consider those¬†extraordinarily small moments that make us smile? Far too often … Continue reading

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