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iconTake Time for Yourself

American life has been described as a rat race, and I think if you’re not careful it can be. We as Americans are always darting around, running back and forth, sprinting from one thing to another. When you’re younger it’s school, after-school activities, school trips, sleepovers at friends houses, not to mention the family events we all attend. College is very similar – class, studying, working, groups you’re involved with, sports, romance, family, the list … Continue reading

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iconIt Can Always Get Worse

There are always times when we find ourselves in a particularly bad situation. These situations aren’t dependent on who we are, or how we live our lives, or how much money we make – bad things happen to everyone. There is no selection process for who is stricken with a particular malady in life and who is not – tragedy is blind to it’s subject. When bad things happen it’s always an easy time to … Continue reading

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iconPlan for the Future, but Live for Today

It’s important to plan things in advance, look for the next opportunity in life, and make sure our needs are taken care of. Far too often we are consumed with what’s happening tomorrow, so much so that we lose sight of what we have today. It’s essential in life to look to the future and plan our lives, but when always looking to the next thing becomes all consuming we lose sight of the moment … Continue reading

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iconSimple Kindness & Showing Gratitude

This morning on my way through the drive-thru at Starbucks I was surprised to find the person in front of me had purchased my coffee for me. When I asked what the reason was the barista answered, “She said other people had done it for her and she wanted to return the gesture.” I sat there in awe of what had just happened, car idling as they handed me my free drink. How random is … Continue reading

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iconEnjoy Life Today

Far too often we are caught up in the stream of life, not taking the time to stop and actually live our lives as they exist today. We plan things for the future, we look forward to an event, we wait for the weekend, we anticipate a special event. What happened to living in the moment? Living in the moment is far too under rated and overlooked. We tend to forget that right now, this … Continue reading

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iconYou Never Know How Much Someone Means to You…

Even when you know how much someone means to you, you never really know how much they mean to you until you’re apart. Why does it take longing and distance to make us realize what we have or don’t have in some cases. What part of our brain blocks up when we see those we care about daily and inhibits our ability to appreciate them to the fullest degree. Familiarity can blind us to the … Continue reading

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iconSerendipity is the sparkle of everyday life

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What big things in your life charge you up and get you going? Those are typically easy questions to answer, everyone has dreams, drives, and wants that motivate them to move. But what about the small things… the tiniest of things that happen each day? How often do we take the time to stop and consider those¬†extraordinarily small moments that make us smile? Far too often … Continue reading

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