iconPlan for the Future, but Live for Today

It’s important to plan things in advance, look for the next opportunity in life, and make sure our needs are taken care of. Far too often we are consumed with what’s happening tomorrow, so much so that we lose sight of what we have today.

It’s essential in life to look to the future and plan our lives, but when always looking to the next thing becomes all consuming we lose sight of the moment in which we are living now. I vote you take five minutes each day and focus on what’s happening in your life for only those five minutes. Whether you’re riding on the bus, sitting at your desk, standing in front of the bathroom mirror brushing your teeth, make yourself aware of what you are doing instead of coasting on autopilot.

Refocus your mind on what it feels to be alive in those five minutes, what your existence means now, how you’re feeling each of those five minutes. Clear your mind of all of the encumbered thoughts that sidetrack you from really experiencing life fresh, as it comes to you. Then after you’ve gotten the hang of that, try it for 10 minutes. Really engage your reality in a sense that you can feel you’re alive, encountering the external world while being aware of what’s going on internally.

I challenge everyone to try this, and if you think you’re up to it, do it more than once a day – using this time to refocus and recenter yourself in the moment, after all that moment is more truly your ‘life’ than what you’re planning to do for the weekend. Take note of your existence all the time, not just for special moments, you’ll be surprised at the outcome.

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