iconSometimes Life is Just Hard

While we all like to look at the positive aspects of life, and see things for their inherent goodness, sometimes life is just hard or bad, or even simply terrible. These times come to all of us, death, breakups, lost jobs, squandered experiences, tragic events… there is a just as long of a list of bad as there is good – sometimes it seems like it’s longer.

Part of the reason I write this blog is because of those bad things in life, because they effect us all and have the power to bring us to our knees, and sometimes lower. I personally have had very hard times in my life, I’ve gone through months where I felt hopeless or completely disenchanted with the world around me. Those times are hard, but I’ve emerged smarter, stronger, and more aware of myself and the world.

These hard times have helped me learn that nothing is forever, and those hard times will pass, just as the happy times pass as well (which is why I am such and advocate of living in the moment). I believe ordinary life is special, and I believe we can find something meaningful in all of the events of our lives, but there are times when we are just miserable… and that’s okay. Not every day needs to be bunnies and rainbows, sometimes we need those dark days – I’d even go so far as to say we absolutely need those dark days.

While not every day can be bliss and not every day is terrible what we get out of our experiences are often more important that the experiences themselves. I’ve learned a great deal from the dark days, as much as I have the zen days of my life… I just need to look harder for the lesson in the dark days, as it’s less apparent than when I’m zen and one with the world around me.

We all have the power to shape our lives the way we want to shape them, there are events our of our control, but we don’t need to let them bog us down or shake the positive core of being. I have bad days just like anyone, but I turn to those who I love and respect to help me through them when I do… and then they’re not so bad anymore.

(Special thanks to a certain someone for the insight into this blog post.)

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