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iconLiving in Your Own Skin

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how my life has changed, and specifically how my perception of myself has changed. I don’t know if it’s aging, growing up, more experience, acceptance of who I am, or the latter as a result of the former. What I am assured is that it’s taken time for me to be comfortable in my own skin. Much like everyone there were, and are, things I didn’t like about … Continue reading

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iconValentine’s Day & Every Day

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to express your love, admiration, appreciation, or gratitude for someone you love. Yes, it’s turned into a very, very commercial, capitalist, money-making, holiday – but it doesn’t mean you have to hate it because of it. At the core there is a good message… and chocolate if you’re lucky. I’m a huge proponent of showing your gratitude every day of the year by doing simple things for those you … Continue reading

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iconPositive Thinking Leads to a Positive Life

Very often we find ourselves in a funk, especially this time of year – shorter days, colder weather, less outdoor activity. With our lack of physical energy typically comes a lack of mental energy as well. It’s only natural for us to feel a bit low, but it’s not natural to let yourself sink into it. But what if you do… what if you are in a funk and all you see is gray? It … Continue reading

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iconThe Power of Positive Thinking

I think everyone has days when they’re just feeling a little funky. Either you didn’t get enough sleep and your crabby, or you have to do something you’re not necessarily looking forward to doing. Sometimes you get rubbed the wrong way by someone early in your day and it sticks with you for the rest of your day, you just can’t seem to shake that negative energy. I have days that fit all of those … Continue reading

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