iconYou Never Know How Much Someone Means to You…

Even when you know how much someone means to you, you never really know how much they mean to you until you’re apart. Why does it take longing and distance to make us realize what we have or don’t have in some cases. What part of our brain blocks up when we see those we care about daily and inhibits our ability to appreciate them to the fullest degree.

Familiarity can blind us to the importance of those we are close to – their sheer presence can be a suppressant, shrouding the feelings we have for them and their importance in our lives. We typically fail to stop and remember just how important those we care about and love really are to us.

Distance reminds us through absence, creates a break in our neuro patterns that leaves a hole in our thinking, daily patterns, and our own identity. To some degree we all identify ourselves with how we interact with other people, and even derive power or stability from certain individuals near us. When those individuals are gone we actually feel their absence.

Trying to remember the feeling of being without someone we love should be something we challenge ourselves to do daily. How many people treat those they say they love with little respect or a lack of kindness in everyday life? Why wait until people are no longer around you to appreciate them in your lives, do it today, do it everyday and tell them how much they mean to you.

Telling others how much they mean to use is something I’m afraid isn’t done nearly as much as it should be. This goes beyond showing gratitude, this is simply verbalizing what we commonly expect to be an unspoken truth – that we love someone in our life. Don’t wait to tell someone how much you appreciate them until distance or loss reminds you of it – take today, and tomorrow, and each day in your life to remind those you care about how much they mean to you and why.


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