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iconValentine’s Day & Every Day

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to express your love, admiration, appreciation, or gratitude for someone you love. Yes, it’s turned into a very, very commercial, capitalist, money-making, holiday – but it doesn’t mean you have to hate it because of it. At the core there is a good message… and chocolate if you’re lucky. I’m a huge proponent of showing your gratitude every day of the year by doing simple things for those you … Continue reading

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iconYou Never Know How Much Someone Means to You…

Even when you know how much someone means to you, you never really know how much they mean to you until you’re apart. Why does it take longing and distance to make us realize what we have or don’t have in some cases. What part of our brain blocks up when we see those we care about daily and inhibits our ability to appreciate them to the fullest degree. Familiarity can blind us to the … Continue reading

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iconSerendipity is the sparkle of everyday life

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What big things in your life charge you up and get you going? Those are typically easy questions to answer, everyone has dreams, drives, and wants that motivate them to move. But what about the small things… the tiniest of things that happen each day? How often do we take the time to stop and consider those¬†extraordinarily small moments that make us smile? Far too often … Continue reading

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