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iconWhy do we Complicate Life?

Life is not that hard. It really isn’t, and there really isn’t much to it once you understand what’s worth doing and not doing. ┬áSomeone once told me that they base their decision on a simple preliminary check: If things make them feel gross or badly then they shouldn’t do them. How simple is this for each of us to do, it’s a short gut check to see how we feel about things before we … Continue reading

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iconIt Can Always Get Worse

There are always times when we find ourselves in a particularly bad situation. These situations aren’t dependent on who we are, or how we live our lives, or how much money we make – bad things happen to everyone. There is no selection process for who is stricken with a particular malady in life and who is not – tragedy is blind to it’s subject. When bad things happen it’s always an easy time to … Continue reading

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iconDo the Right Thing

Doing what is popular or generates the best outcome for you is often much easier than doing what is right. -Anonymous Why is doing the right thing so hard sometimes? Whether it’s holding the door, turning in a lost wallet you found, giving back extra change to an absent-minded cashier, or paying back debts to others there always seems to be a part of us that wants to do what is best for us, and … Continue reading

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