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iconLiving in Your Own Skin

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how my life has changed, and specifically how my perception of myself has changed. I don’t know if it’s aging, growing up, more experience, acceptance of who I am, or the latter as a result of the former. What I am assured is that it’s taken time for me to be comfortable in my own skin. Much like everyone there were, and are, things I didn’t like about … Continue reading

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iconValentine’s Day & Every Day

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to express your love, admiration, appreciation, or gratitude for someone you love. Yes, it’s turned into a very, very commercial, capitalist, money-making, holiday – but it doesn’t mean you have to hate it because of it. At the core there is a good message… and chocolate if you’re lucky. I’m a huge proponent of showing your gratitude every day of the year by doing simple things for those you … Continue reading

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iconIt Can Always Get Worse

There are always times when we find ourselves in a particularly bad situation. These situations aren’t dependent on who we are, or how we live our lives, or how much money we make – bad things happen to everyone. There is no selection process for who is stricken with a particular malady in life and who is not – tragedy is blind to it’s subject. When bad things happen it’s always an easy time to … Continue reading

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iconSimple Kindness & Showing Gratitude

This morning on my way through the drive-thru at Starbucks I was surprised to find the person in front of me had purchased my coffee for me. When I asked what the reason was the barista answered, “She said other people had done it for her and she wanted to return the gesture.” I sat there in awe of what had just happened, car idling as they handed me my free drink. How random is … Continue reading

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